How to edit my Business on BtoTree ?


Go to your business. There are two simple ways to do that:

a) click on your profile at the top right of the site, then click on your company.


if you have more than one business click on “My Businesses…” and choose which business you want to delete. 



b) access your businesses from your home on the left side of the site, then click on your business. 



Once you’re on your business page, here are the steps you have to follow : 

In order to promote your business in the best possible way, BtoTree allows you to customize your business page in many ways.

Here are a few of them:

  • Main page:

    • Click on the pen next to your company name. In this section you will be able to change your company name, your company tagline and your company location. Click on “save” when you are done.
    • Click on to change company “Introduction” by adding or deleting text. This introduction will appear when you will ask to join Expo with your business. Click on “save” when you are done.
    • You can add tags to your company which will allow it to be better referenced while improving its description and its performance. You can also add your company preferred market by country and areas.
    • Click on to edit your company team by adding or removing members. Click on a member to add or remove it. Click on “save” when you are done.


  • Manage section : click on “Manage”:

    • Click on “About”. In this section you will be able to describe your company more in details, without any characters limit. You can tell about your company however you want, also by using links, images and videos. This company description will appear in the tab “About us” next to “General”. Click on “save” when you are done.
    • Click on “Settings” to edit your Business name, Business Url and to decide if you want to show business member on the business page. 

Good to know : A clear and attractive business page will provide more exposure and bring more opportunities. Take your time to create a business page that reflects well your business image ! 


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