How to delete / remove a Business on BtoTree?


Go to your business. There are two simple ways to do that:

a) click on your profile at the top right of the site, then click on your company.


if you have more than one business click on “My Businesses…” and choose which business you want to delete. 



b) access your businesses from your home on the left side of the site, then click on your business. 



Once you’re on your business page, here are the steps you have to follow : 


Click on “Manage” button



Go to your business “Settings”



Close your account

Down the page you will find a “Close Account” section, if you really want to delete your business click on “click here”. 




Warning: This will delete this business account and all of its data. This action cannot be undone. 

If you really want to delete, click on “yes”, your business will be delete of BtoTree. 



Good to know : This action cannot be undone, if you later want to recreate the same business on BtoTree you won’t be able to retrieve your information. 


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