How to connect with an Individual Member?

It is very easy to connect with everyone on Btotree!

You have several ways to connect with people, here are the 3 main ways:

  1. In the case that you know the name of the person
  2. In the case that you want to meet new people related to your actual connections.
  3. Through a business or an expo.

First solution : You know the name of the person ? He will be very easy to find!

STEP 1: Search his name on the BtoTree SearchBar

STEP 2: Go on his profile

STEP 3: Connect or follow !

Second Solution : You just want to connect people to improve your network ? There is a solution !

STEP 1 : Go on your network using the  icon.

STEP 2: Go through all our suggestions !

That’s it ! You can connect to whoever you want !

Third solution: You found someone who it looks interesting to connect with, on his business or an expo?

You can click on his name, it will lead you to his individual page, and you just have to connect or follow!


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