How to send a file on BtoTree ?

To send a file on BtoTree is very easy. You first need to know how to send a classic message. Click here to go to the related article. So, once you are on the message box, you just have to click on the “file…” button. Now, choose the file you […]

What does 3rd, 2nd and 1st mean ?

Going through the BtoTree website, you will see “3rd” ; “2nd” or “1st” icon appearing near individual members names. Those icons represents the level of connection you have with the person related. “1st” means that you and the person are connected on BtoTree ; “2nd” means that you and the […]

How to contact a member on BtoTree ?

First of all, to contact someone on BtoTree, you need to be connected with him/her. You can click here to see how to connect with a member Now that you are connected, you can contact whoever you want. You can go by two ways to contact someone. First way: STEP […]

How to Add, Edit or Delete My Business Logo

Your business page is the reflection that your company will transmit on BtoTree and the Internet. So we advise you to take the time you need to improve this page by making it look like you. Here is how to Add, Edit or Delete your Business Logo from your business […]

How to Edit the Location of My Business

STEP 1: Go to your business page. STEP 2: Click on next to your company name.  STEP 3: In “city” section write the name of your company city’s name.  STEP 4: Once you are done, click on “save” button.    LINKED ARTICLES: