How to Edit a Product?

Edit a Product There are 2 ways of editing a product. 1.- By Clicking on Manage.   Go to your Business page. Click on Manage. Click on the name of the product you want to edit. Change the information. Click on save. 2.- By clicking on the Edit icon on […]

How to Add a Business

Add your business in 2 minutes!   Log in to Click on the profile button (top right corner). The option of Add a Business will appear. Click on it to start adding your business. Add the business name. Choose a user name for this new business. Add a logo by uploading […]

How to Connect with a Member?

Connecting with a member  Allows you to message a member from BtoTree and have a private conversation, where you can exchange information and files. How to contact a member Log in to Look for the name of the member in the search bar. Click on Message to request a […]

How to Add, Edit or Delete your Logo

LOGO Go to My Business. Click on your logo located at the left of your Business Name. Click on  and choose a photo from your gallery. Before clicking Save, click on the photo to edit it. Resize, rotate or delete the photo as you wish. Click Save.